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Wicked Booma Sonic


Wicked Booma Sonic


Wicked Sonic Booma, a whistling version of the world’s best returning boomerang, mesmerises passers-by as it whizzes through the air. Suitable for ages 8 and above, Wicked Sonic Booma offers an exciting multi-sensory experience and endless amusement for all the family!
Guaranteed return flight Whistles loudly in flight
Easy to throw and catch
Full throwing instructions included
Made from ‘Memorang’ polymer
Can be ‘tuned’ for different flights
Flight range 15-20 metres
Assorted Colours
YouTube tutorials teach you how to throw!
Proudly manufactured in the U.K.
Age: 8+
Dimensions in cm: 26,6 x 23 x 1 cm
Material: Memorang polymer

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